… In Platitude! (Two Poems)

Platitudes02In Platitude!

… You want me to reply

But, what will I?

Leaves me – perplexed!

Thousands of thoughts

That fleet past,

But some how,

None of them

Seem so strong

That, I must say,

– Come what may!

And what if I do?

– I know now you!

You are no closer

To me, than

You left me – when

With my pain,

My unanswered questions,

My un-tended soul.

I fear this –

It is your attitude,

And my belief

That, if I attempt

I might end up

Again …

… In Platitude!



I look out of window

The world is moving

At a pace, so indistinct!

The reason –

Unknown to my eyes.

I am carrying on

Like a zombie –

Without a push or a pull!

I haven’t the power

For much of anything

– Anymore!

I dream of

Time spent earlier –

Of good nightmares,

To while away the time

This whole thing

Is moving to

No where.

I guess,

I am busy with

My own neurotic bliss!