Are Online Relationships Superficial .. ?

I am feeling a bit down these days .. may be because I have been posted to a new place of duty that does not have good connectivity with outside world and joining this new place was bit of a shock for me for my last duty station had broadband internet and 3G phone facilities available. Pertinent to mention here, folks, I am working with defence force of the country and the job profile includes a three-yearly transfer to a new location. But , wait a minute .. why am I sulking now? I joined this service with full knowledge of this fact! May be, I just am a bit confused right now.

One of the reason may also be being away from my ‘net-friends.’ No, I am not a very net-savvy person and large part of initial few years of my Facebook membership I was actually dormant there. I still don’t have close to 5000 friends there .. most of the people there are known to me personally also. I am not able to regularly comment on their postings or do one of my own there. Why only FB, let’s take this blog site itself. I created this site back in 2008, then remained dormant here for about six months then started writing on diverse topics .. irregularly!

It happens most of the time .. whenever I start writing I either get drifted into areas that are not related to my main topic or, loose interest midway. One may take refuse behind some fancy words like ‘writer’s block’ but, deep inside the guilt of letting your readers down remains. That reminds me I am yet to post an article here and it is June already! Sooo Soorry ..! I know most of you have been through this situation and have come out triumphant so, if you can share your magic formula with me … I’ll be indebted.

Again .., drifting away from the topic!

Coming back to the question .. “Are online relationships superficial?”

A word though .., Online Relationships don’t necessarily mean dating or matrimonial kind of relationships only. I mean purely social kind of relationships .. like those in your friend list on FB. This question came to my mind after I saw a lot of people doing regular trimming of their friend list on Facebook. Isn’t it insensitive on our part ..? We are able to remove them because we don’t really know them well and the relationship does not affect us because it does not have deep roots. I wonder if we could remove them had they been known to us in ‘Off- Net Life’. then why do we include them in our friend list at all? Attractive face ..? A mutual friend in your friend list ..?? Opposite gender ..???

Think about it ..

[to be continued]