.. To supporters of clemency to terrorists

Watched yesterday’s Newshour show on a certain ‘Now’ channel – not because I’ve suddenly realised the intellectual worth of Your-Knob’s show (I still consider him the biggest noise pollutant on prime time TV)!
It was surprising to see a certain ‘Gandhi’ give him the taste of his own medicine and hold the ‘intelligent’ debate to ransom!

I’ve read a highly-biased book written by this gentleman (i.e., Let’s Kill Gandhi) and, am aware of the views held by him so, it was a no surprise to see this ‘Later Day Saint’ pleading for clemency to a terrorist! What this gentleman was able to dish out throughout the debate was beyond logic and was harbouring in the domain of rhetoric.., dear readers, pure rhetoric!

He was able to prove the fact one can’t become civilized by just having a famous surname or lineage.., one can only fake rationalism through one’s inherited burden of ‘Gandhigiri’!

Tell you guys, most of these ‘Gandhis’ deserve to be dumped in Indian Ocean..!


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