The Bengaluru School Teacher Whose YouTube School Has Got 68,000 Students

She wanted to do PhD, but because of the untimely death of her father and lack of financial support, she had to join an MNC in Bengaluru. But Roshni Mukherjee always liked teaching kids. And when she came to know from her maid that her kids feared going to their school in Tamil Nadu because of exam fear, it struck to her to start a school on YouTube that kids could access from anywhere in the world. This prompted her to launch a web-portal and post videos for students of class 11 and 12. 

The strength of her subscribers on YouTube grew steadily and it soon crossed 50,000. She expanded the range of her videos to cater for students of class 10 and 11 also. Now, more than 3700 videos later, the number of subscribers to her channel crosses more than 68,000. 

Her videos include topics on various subjects taught on CBSE curriculum but she often takes recourse to ICSC books if she feels having missed on something. 

She has in the meantime left the job with the MNC as she started to get some income from a YouTube channel due to Google ads.Now Roshni wants to take your videos to the remotest part of India by converting her videos into regional languages like Tamil, Bangla & Telugu etc.

 This article is taken from The Economic Times – Bengaluru edition.




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