… With due apologies to the Parents of Indian women!

SO, you have married an Indian woman!

Beautiful, brown, long hairs, charming smile, wears jeans (though sometimes still puts national costume), drives a bike or car, aware of everything that is happening in the world, using all sorts of gadgets … the ever-improving, all-accomplishing, all-caring ‘Bhartiya Nari’ (Indian Woman) of the 21 st century.

Having purchased this product myself, I must warn you that the  exterior, interior (and sometimes both) can be misleading … alas! …. yeh India hai meri jaan (this is India, my dear)! Be prepared for the fact that the Indian females are available for sale only in complete package with family, culture, customs and habits – good as well as bad! The problem may not, in most of the instances, start with the actual product but, with the free kit attached – that prefer to deliver not only inconvenience, but also bring difficulties in the relationship, cause them to break or even lead to a deadlock. Yes, parents of an Indian girl are still lurking on the verge of being stupid!

So even if you think you bought the model that meets the latest requirements of the market, despite the fact that the codes have been professionally registered – in most cases, there is always a bug in the code that will not allow the program to function as you expect! The parents now-a-days are the most loathsome to the idea that their daughter should enter kitchen – though shamelessly they’ll not  bother a fly if she doesn’t say a ‘thank you’ after having eaten the dinner prepared by her husband. This is not the single problem that you wish to tell but why to waste your time and this space!

You’re lucky if you could get a model without this ‘Free kit’. Although this is rare. It’s like a Christmas sale, if you do not have time or do not know where it was – would have to wait for the next. But are there any ways out?

Yes, there are several ways to solve this problem:

  • Wait for the next sale (though not the fact that you can grab a tasty morsel)
  • To make a compromise, carefully examine the “instruction manual” for how to cope with this most free application in the form of the family (although in the most difficult cases and it does not help)
  • Or to look at other brands, from other countries and nationalities.

But, is it worth all the speculations and efforts?

I don’t know and … even if I had known, why on earth I should tell you? It’s your life and your choice! You can try yourself, … or try other brands first, … or be patient and wait till the upgraded version of model (without these free kits, of course) is available that will meet your expectations!

Good luck to you in your purchase!

[PS: Images are for graphic display purpose only. Feminists and Flea-Brains may kindly skip the whole article – it is not for you!]


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