I consulted astrologers,
The best of lot,
I checked the position of moon and,
How stars trot;
I went deep into the predictions of sears,
And none could tell me, to believe you not!

My fate, I depended on you,
In every walk of life,
Trusted you in every stride,
But here I am laid;
With the eyes open wide,
My bruised lips pursed in ‘Oh’ and,
Your big, black meat inside!

Deep up to the balls,
You give one more screw;
Come out screams –
Muffled some, loud a few!
You pat my chin,
Hold it tight;
And, that big grin
– On either side!

After some moments of stomp,
You loudly moan,
As if having a good run,
You say – going to cum;
I have to gulp it down,
With feigned jauntiness and fun!
I wipe my lips,
Just pretend,
You want me to smile,
At your command!
You tell me to turn over,
And to bend;
To take that shit,
From the other end!

I detest this rape,
‘Was a moron to trust,
– Oh you fate!
Your help,
I would no longer take.
Get off my battered self,
I must call it a day,
The destiny is telling me,
To make my own way!


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