… The Unfinished Story!

Unfinished Story

When I first saw your face, I felt as if struck by lightening and then realized … you already had entered into my life!
… I wish to forget that now.
It seems familiar … like street …  the wrinkles and furrows on your face!
I can identify your voice even now, even if it be merged into a variety of sounds!
Remember me? Have we … we met somewhere?

This question creates a lump in my throat … a sense of anxiety  … despair lit large!
Though vague question, I know and hence I do not attach any importance to this … you never know what the answer is going to be.
…  just someone’s unfortunate story.
Then, why on earth did you first try to pretend to me, of having come to the conclusion that, this is not our first meeting.

I drove away these unpleasant sensations … convincing myself that it’s my sick imagination, and I can not judge you by default … !
I was getting ready for our meeting, even without being sure that I’m ready for this.
Prior to meeting with you, I just had to do one thing, … take that one flight.
But why this inexplicable feeling again …?

I hesitated and did not hurry to leave the airport building … something not so … I take myself in hand and take a step further …!

The next moment,as if, upon my person falls … a huge barrage of sounds, smells, feelings … madly beating heart … and that inexplicable feeling takes the form of clear understanding now

… yes, I was here earlier, and something deep happens inside. Something, … that I can not get … I have a feeling, there is something terrible and irreparable waiting to happen. And I can not prevent it.

From the window of a taxi out of airport, I do not see any night on the town … I feel it, barely holding back tears. I remember your scent, my love!  I can even close my eyes and my feelings at the moment are going to carry me there … near you.
But who is that … with you? The other one …?

I think I can hear snatches of conversation we had, your shouting, your decisions and then my tears and despair.
I have to open my eyes … I feel powerless, when you ask me to come back.
What for… ?
Why you could not do something to prevent this ?
I can not change it now … because I do not know who started it … whose fault it was …? I do not even know what it is now!

… I just know what it was …. something irrevocable and terrible … something about the memory!
Why should I not pickup in this birth the vague fragments of feelings,the shards of memories … that you gave me then?

I am going now to the hotel. Good bye … !
I am going to  run away from you in the very first morning flight.
You played with me yet another bad joke, but this was not the reason for my escape … the reason was you … One day I’ll come back and then tell you everything.
Wait till then … this story is not over … Wait just till eternity … YOU FOOL !!!

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One thought on “… The Unfinished Story!

  1. merey jehan jo baat aa rahi hain vo ek gaany ke ye pantiya shayad bayan kar paye

    सूखे सावन बरस गये
    कितने बार इन आँखों से
    दो बुँदे ना बरसे, इन भीगी पलकों से

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