… My Prisoner (Poem)

For long did you keep surfing,

beyond the turbulent last waves

of my struggled thoughts.

For long did you keep hiding,

behind the quite desert dunes

of my desire less-ness.

For long did you keep sleeping

below the silent graves

of my repressed soul.

At last I have hunted

you down.

Hand-cuffed in the

bondage of affection

you are my prisoner.

I’ll keep you confined

behind the secure walls

of the prison of my heart.

I’ll enshrine you

in the temple of my love.

I’ll never let you go,

‘coz you are now

my prisoner!


~ by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar on September 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “… My Prisoner (Poem)”

  1. very touching lines and strong emotions!

  2. very touching lines & strong emotions!

  3. Very beautiful and smiles and joy giving poem , after the half end. . . though the life of the author had been tough. . oh..you have been bestowed with a real boon to jot beautifully, the adornment of your emotions. . .

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