… In The Financial Mess ?


I know of a person who this past year has been in serious financial trouble. Though he is one of the most ambitious and intelligent people I know and he should have been the last one in this world to get into this kind of trouble, I think it was his ambition that might have become the reason for his down fall. He was busy shooting for the stars and has fallen short on some of his business ideas but how he forgot to realise that ambitions were turning into over-ambitions and how he could not realise that the ground beneath was slipping away – is more surprising to me. This whole time he was so preoccupied with his dreams that he could not figure out when the economy turned southwards!FinMess001

He is now living in debt and struggling to put two square meals on the table for his wife and two young boys. He, initially tried to live on credit card for some months, but lost his credit ratings with the job, depleted all the savings also – just how long do you think one can attempt to live on credit and avoid payments on everything! The family had a flat at an apartment taken on loan, could not repay it and lost the flat also on fore-closure – the interest on which drained the remaining savings also. foreclosureJust when the woes could not have gotten any worse, wife was diagnosed pregnant – went for abortion and further medical bills! I have never seen someone in such a terrible financial mess and that too affecting someone so close.

We tried to form a group and help him out but he would not take it for it affects his pride adversely! What according to you should be the options for this guy to get out of this mess? Can you please suggest some way out for him?

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