“… Hope is like a road in the country: there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence. …Maybe peace and love is also such a road!”


Just yesterday I was going through the events regarding the 64th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. Japanese media was going gaga over the statement made by American president Obama in Prague in April regarding nuclear disarmament. I fail to believe the hypocrisy behind these activities. If we go through the books of history, the world-war two was in fact started by the trio of nations of Germany, Japan and Italy. It was a war to attempt to prove their so called supremacy over others and it was basically a war to annex more and more colonies and increase their empire in which many innocent civilians of nations – who otherwise would have chosen to remain non-alienated – were pushed into. These nations hardly had any cause in their interest to go to war, but for their colonial masters! I fail to believe what message they want to give by organizing such displays. Agreed, nuclear arsenal is dangerous, but so is conventional weapon also. The purpose of all of these is one only – that is to kill your enemy. But that enemy is another human being who had a right to his territory and a right to live his life peacefully just as you have to your own. So, if Japanese try to portray themselves as the only nation to become victim of nuclear bombings, just tell them plainly it was the punishment they had to receive any way for starting the war and pushing many nations like Korea, Cambodia, and Burma etc into it, committing war crimes against their civilians. And what about the American presidents’ babbling! It is like a serial rapist telling about the virtues of celibacy! How sick!


In order to take responsibility for peace and for freedom, it is valuable to know that war like slavery, just doesn’t occur out of the blues, but rather out of chaos – as a curse, as punishment for original sin, or the likes.

Man is a SOCIAL animal, so social that it loves to make CLANS – when ever and where ever possible! With the formation of clan comes the natural tendency to project it superior to that of others. This makes man a naturally VIOLENT animal too. Earlier, wars used to be raids of one tribe or clan of people on other for material gains or capturing women or slaves only. With the advent of State system some 5000 years ago, the dynamics of local social systems were carried forward and the traits of aggression were transformed as bias and hatred against different race, Religion, Society and Nation. This was also fueled by militarization of the forces of these nations.

The Italian psychoanalyst Franco Fornari thought war to be the paranoid or projective elaboration of mourning, i.e., war and violence develops out of our love needs. It is our wish to preserve and defend the SACRED or CHERISHED objects, objects to which we are attached – namely our families, our land, our clan, our nation and our fixation with these.

Konrad Lorenz and others see the war as extension of animal behavior, such as territoriality and competition – as suggested by evolutionary psychology. Animals are naturally aggressive, and in humans this aggression manifests itself as warfare. However, while war has a natural cause, the development of technology has accelerated human destructiveness to a level that is irrational and damaging to the species itself. Demographic theories of war also point to the increased demand and less supply pattern, a la Malthus, that generates conflicts. More the number of youth there are in a demographic population of a nation, more prone it is to go to war also.

Yet some societies are less prone to go to war than others. Why is it that till middle era in history, we do not see any excursion or attack by armies from Indian states into neighboring states? Truth is that higher agricultural yield, low population and well fed youth prevented any such occurrence. So, in any society there are STRESS factors that make way for more aggressiveness there. Some of these are:-

  • Large population, especially migratory or demographically superfluous population
  • Low feeding capability or low per capita income of the nation
  • Prevalence of violent crimes. Genocide and conquest, etc
  • Too sharp attachment with nationalistic ideology
  • Limited or no access to legal sources of entertainment and sex
  • a spiritual disconnection/estrangement and lack of integrity in the society

whatever the cause may be, fact is, as Dwight D. Eisenhower said on April 16, 1953, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.”


Although many people are not interested in REASONS for things that are undesirable, distasteful, horrific, or otherwise trigger an internalized pain, those who do so, merely confuse REASON with JUSTIFICATIONS and thus relegate them to re-experiencing the pain. To negate the causes of war is to negate its lasting solution.


In modern days, war has only economic reason – you take any recent warfare for that matter. War can be seen as a growth of economic competition in a competitive international system and all wars begin as a pursuit of markets for natural resources and for wealth. This ironically is the same reason that led to aggressive behavior in pre-historic men. So, we can say, we have not developed in this context from our pre-historic predecessors, but our weapons have considerably, and so has the cost of warfare and human wastage also! We are the same old warmongers, megalomaniacs, and rapacious, envious, arrogant, prideful, greedy, fearful and hateful people as those cave-dwellers! We don’t think twice before starting a war, before killing each other, but when it comes to pay the price we certainly try to project ourselves as the VICTIM of aggression on some others’ part! In every war each side tries to project their JUST CAUSE! Ultimately that of the victorious persists but of the vanquished is lost in oblivion.


With the industrial revolution the Caucasian race invented many useful types of equipment for human populace, but they also developed weapons – first firearms and then much later weapons of mass destruction also. Last 500 years are testimony to the fact that when a group of men get access to such means of destructions it increases their egotistic, prideful feeling about their clan and generates the feeling of aggressiveness in them. Just think of Europe’s’ internal wars, war for colonial intentions, the two world wars, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan war and many small ones in between. There is no end. Or is it that, since man has inherent violent tendencies, he spends the war free time-period only in preparation to the next war? We have to stop and think now. … What next? Are we going to stop only after our own total annihilation?


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