ShitHeadThis world is full of people who, when ever situation arises love to take so called ‘High moral ground‘, though there own life may be full of shit. I know of a person who, though can be called a flea-brained, shit-head, good for nothing jack-ass, likes to jump at any occasion to take high pedestal of morality – as if he is the only saint here! … As if he is the only pinnacle of virtues, apostle of morality left in this world and he has the solemn responsibility to change this world – to change us, lesser mortals! This fucking bastard, I am talking about, has a peculiar habit of meddling into others’ lives, trying to find fault in there situation and trying to impress upon them his weird ideas about how to improve upon their lives! … As if others are numb-heads! Many a time people, who are new to this place, succumb to his babblings but more often than not, it is this guy who ends up on the receiving end. Though he gets offended if someone tries to counter his views. I am sure you must have come across persons of similar attitude in your lives also – I love to call them “TONGUE-WARRIORS” ! How do you deal with them? .. Good lord, I feel like giving them a HARD KICK IN REAR !

~ by Dr. Sanjeev Kumar on August 5, 2009.


  1. The world is filled with these perverts…

    • How do you deal with a person like that in your own life, Boss? I had written this blog in a state of frustration actually – after failing in my attempts to try and show him the mirror! Then, it occurred to me that I was infact behaving like him only! I despised that always and hence, this question I tried to put to the readers of this blog.

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