When you feel/are alone, what do you do?

When you feel so alone, with no one to go to like friends or family, what do you do? Even if you talk to some people on occasion, doesn’t it feel like that sometimes they are distant or they act different than they did before? I know many of us feel that sometimes we are the only ones in the world and everyone walked out on us. How do you handle something like, or a similar situation?


2 thoughts on “When you feel/are alone, what do you do?

  1. I pray.
    I feel that way a lot. I am a thirty seven year old, uneducated woman. I am a mother of two and two step children. My husband is controlling and over bearing. Not much room for friends. Plus, I am one of those people who always thinks that somebody is whispering and talking about me.

    Well……the people that I am around are that way about each other. If you’re not in the circle at the time, you are getting talked about.
    …..so…I pray. I pray to love and to be loved. I pray that God will never take his hand from head. I pray that I will meet somebody to be my true friend. I pray for my children. I pray myself to sleep. I pray.

    1. Why is it that we are left in search of the very purpose for being here in middle years of our lives?

      We have our families, kids, good job, comforts of life with in our reach but, still there is some void in life. Why is it so?
      Yes praying to god may be one of the answers. Cultivating and developing a hobby may be other. Thinking, that there are people, who are even worse than this may be another in a different perspective.

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